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Free FirstWash Service by LaundrybyTIMESIGNATURE

Do you find it challenging to do laundry at home? Then you should hire the best dry cleaner in Lagos. You may wonder why LaundrybyTIMESIGNATURE is one of the best in town. Let us guide you then!


We offer a wide range of services such as laundry, dry cleaning, alteration, and ironing along with free pickup and delivery. But what makes us stand out is our Free FirstWash Service.


What Is Free FirstWash Service?

We are customer-centric dry cleaners in Lekki Phase 1. So, we came up with an innovative program to facilitate our valuable customers. Our Free FirstWash Service is one of a kind.


LaundrybyTIMESIGNATURE is the first and only company to offer free services to first-time customers. You can avail of this offer when you place your first order with us. You will not have to spend a single dime for the first order and can enjoy either of the following benefits of this program.


Free 2 Plain Cotton Shirts wash

Free 1 Native Wear wash (only Buba and Sokoto/Iro)


Our Free FirstWash Service Is Just What You Need


Trying Out Our Service

We are one of the best dry professional cleaners in Lagos, hence we know it’s a tough decision to choose a company. You may want to test our service quality before making a decision. This is when our Free Service comes into play! This offer helps customers to determine our service quality just before they sign up with us as customers. Once the service is to your satisfaction, you can place your order.

This free first-time trial is free of obligations. You can try out our services at no cost using this link

If you choose to use our online ordering platform, a sales agent may contact you for pick up. After your service, you may share your feedback about your experience. You may sign up as our customer if you are happy. Other ways to get this offer is through using our direct telephone line – +2349080304122 or +23412919486.


Boosting Your Business with Our Free FirstWash Service

We serve residential and commercial clients. Do you run a business? Then this service can be helpful to you.

Our online form enables you to apply for a Free FirstWash Service card. You can get these cards for your employees for FREE. Woah, that’s amazing!

You can use these cards as employee incentives. For instance, the best performers in your company can receive these cards as rewards. It boosts their morale and motivates them to do better than before. So, get these cards for your employees and take your business to new heights.



Are you looking for dry cleaners in Ikoyi, Victoria Island, Lekki environs of Lagos Nigeria? Then you shouldn’t miss out on our free wash service. Place your first order of a cotton shirt or native wear. And enjoy quality service for free.

So, what are you waiting for? Book Free FirstWash service today!