One of the most important factors which determine where customers buy from is the way they are treated by the front office. Customers continue buying from businesses who treat them better even when the product being purchased do not meet 100% of their expectation. Several studies support this premise. Happy customers just keep coming back.

A business that perfects the art of treating customers in a way which makes them feel happier stands the chance of making better sales and better profitability. It is therefore important for businesses to understand practical factors that might help them make their customers happier. For this reason we now have selected for you the standards that can assist you select the best online casino. Table games at game review embody blackjack, roulette, casino poker and baccarat.

I already assume provision of good quality of product is sacrosanct to the subject matter; hence nothing on quality of product is covered in this article.

Some factors that will help make customers happier.

1.     Hiring: The battle is either won or lost with the kind of staff you hire. To make your customers happier, hire employees who naturally smile and are genuinely considerate of others. With training, other important skills to excel on the job can be learnt and improved.

2.     Smiles: This is usually the first tangible product a customer experiences while transacting with you face to face. A smile does not only attract, it depicts welcome and acceptance. The smile however is weightier if perceived as genuine by the customer. Genuine smiles only come from the heart and to achieve this, there has to be true love for customers. Loving people is not an attribute that can be worn like a shirt, it is in the DNA of a people. Though everyone has the capacity to genuinely love, some have it in their nature better than others, the small scale CEO’s job is to ensure he hires the ones who have it in their nature better than the others. A smile always does the magic.

3.     Name: Call your customers by their preferred names. Everyone loves the sound of their name, welcome them using their names when they show up to buy your service.

4.     Respect: Being respected makes everyone feel important. Customers who are are shown respect feel they are important to the business just like shareholders and they would find it more difficult to stop their patronage.

5.     Show interest: Pay attention and show interest in them. Compliment them when necessary and show concern when they seem not happy. If your customers bring their family members to your store, try and know them by their names and ask after them subsequently. This will make the happier and further endear them to your products.

6.     Keep in touch: For your first time customers, call them just about 2 to 3 days after their first purchase to enquire about their experience and satisfaction level, use the opportunity to reinforce the philosophy of your business and products. Ask for improvement suggestions if any. For other customers especially those who have opted to receiving messages from you, be in periodic contact with them sharing your product offers and other useful information.

7.     Something free: From time to time, give your loyal customers something free. It makes them feel appreciated.

8.     Thank you: Thank you and courtesy are rights of customers. They do not only make them feel loved and appreciated, they make them want to visit again. As these two things are not common in our local environ, a small scale that perfects saying thank you is on its way to getting more from its customers. When customers are contacted by mail, phone or after completion of their transaction in your shop, always end with a thank you –

An example is Thank you for choosing LaundrybyTIMESIGNATURE.

9.     Incentivize: Lastly, positively reward employees who make your customers feel like coming back. Make other staff aspire to be like them. Similarly, ensure key performance indicators are defined in line with factors that make customers happy and measure these attributes accordingly.

Titus Osikoya; a Lean Six Sigma Black Belt writes from Lagos Nigeria, 

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